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Hello and welcome to DIY Ipsum! This site lets you create your own Ipsum text or choose from the entertaining presets that are available. Configure everything in the settings panel, then click the green button above that says "Update Ipsum" to update the ipsum here, go ahead and give it a click or a tap!

To create your own, truly unique and one of a kind ipsum, simply choose the "Custom" option under Ipsum Content > Words in the settings panel. This will allow you to type or copy/paste your own words to use for a truly custom ipsum! There should only be one word or phrase per line. If you copy and pasted text or otherwise have it all one one line, you can simply click the button that says "Words to New Lines" and voila!

If details are your thing, you may choose the exact number of paragraphs that makes sense for you, or, just go wild with it. If you just need a few sentences, you have that option as well. If you want to be sure that you will remember it is placeholder text, you can check the checkbox to start the Lorem Ipsum with, well, Lorem Ipsum.